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Mine Toufeq

Zerin Bolat

Shauna Clarke

We are three friends who completed the LPC with MSc in Law, Business and Management graduating with Distinctions. We did the LLB and Postgraduate at The University of Law.

We understand the struggles of getting into the legal profession given that we are still trying ourselves. Due to the vast competition in the field it is very easy to feel alone, inadequate and unsure about your future. It is normal to compare your grades, number of connections and experiences; becoming lost in the process.

Therefore, we created Legal Jargon to help bring people together, support each other, and encourage them to always ask questions. 

  • We offer students and graduates a platform to learn and grow through networking.

  • We will encourage discussion by posting a commercial awareness question a day on our forums.

  • Members can post their own questions and find answers with the support of others.

  • We will host webinars about important topics affecting the legal field, students and graduates.

  • Post regular content via articles and videos.