Amazon Prime Video launches on Sky in major European deal


Sky has agreed a deal with Amazon, which will see its customers able to watch Amazon Prime Video on Sky and Sky’s Now TV service on Amazon Fire TV devices, providing a much wider range of content. The multi-year European deal will make Amazon Prime Video much more easily available to Sky customers over the next few months in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

This move will see the Prime Video app, launching on the set-top box service Sky Q. This makes Amazon Prime Video the third major streaming provider after Netflix and Disney Plus, to strike a partnership with Sky, whose apps are also currently available on Sky Q. The deal with Disney Plus was agreed in March of this year, just before its announcement of reaching 50 million worldwide subscribers in its first five months, after launching in November.

The deal also eases the accessibility of the mentioned services for customers, given that their apps can all be found in one place. Additionally, the timing of this deal is especially significant for the sports industry, as UK customers will be able to watch live Premier League matches on Sky Sports, Prime Video and BT Sport without having to switch devices.

With customers increasingly expecting to be able to access a huge range of content in one place, this deal is a prime example of major media and entertainment companies like Sky adapting their commercial strategy to expand their content in an effort to rival competitors.

Commercial considerations;

  • The insight into Sky’s commercial strategy shows how companies are adapting their methods in an increasingly competitive industry. The relationship between TV providers and streaming services have had a tendency to be quite divided so it will be interesting to monitor the future results of this collaborative move on both companies’ businesses.

  • With Christmas fast-approaching and areas in England being moved up to Tier 3, restricting people’s movement, the timing of this deal is very convenient and will likely see an increase in usage from customers.

  • Integrating these streaming services on Sky has provided more convenience for customers however, these subscriptions are still an expense, although decreased in price through these bundle deals. Therefore, it poses the question of whether having these deals will definitely ensure long-lasting survival for companies like Sky or if the streaming services industry will still take over the market.

Legal considerations;

  • A major contribution to the success of services like Disney Plus is the fact that it has been able to leverage its IP rights and enforce exclusivity for a lot of its content. Increasing the ease of accessibility for customers without hindering this exclusivity is good for the success of the business.


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