How To Fund Your Postgraduate Degree: LPC and BPC

It can be difficult at a young age to fund £16,000-£17,000 all by yourself. This article will assist you to lift that burden and help you on your journey. Check out the video which goes into detail on the funding methods. These methods were undertaken by a person who also had to self-fund. You are not alone in your journey. COSTS FOR SEPTEMBER 2020 University of Law/ BPP LPC £12,750 – £17,300 £15,485 – £18,735 BPC £12,290 – £16,690 £12,620 (14,500) – £16,000 The location you take the LPC or BPC will determine the ultimate cost with London campuses being more expensive. POSTGRADUATE LOANS The LPC, BPC and GDL are NOT eligible for postgraduate loans. They are considered to be DIPLOMAS not a Masters. So.. If you want to only complete to LPC or BPC you will have to self-fund the course yourself. However, you can combine the LPC or BPC with a Master’s degree such as LLM or MSc which makes you eligible to receive a Postgraduate Master’s Loan. This will help with course fees and living costs You can receive up to £11,222 (as of July 2020) if your course starts on or after 1 August 2020 With the loan you will still need to self-fund some of your course BUT the majority may be covered by the Loan POSTGRADUATE AND MASTERS OPTIONS University of Law · BPC LLM · LPC with LLM · LPC with MSc on Law, Business and Management BPP · LPC with LLM · LLM Legal Practice (Bar) – incorporates all elements of the BTC PAYING IN INSTALMENTS The University of Law offers various payment plans – 1 instalment, 3 instalments or 10 instalments. Schedule of the payment plan for a September 2020 starter. POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS AND BURSARIES If you manage to secure a scholarship and bursary you will receive a deduction in your postgraduate fees or have the whole cost paid for you. For more details on the below scholarships and bursaries check the provider’s websites or contact them regarding it. University of Law Career Change Scholarship The Lord Blunkett Widening Access Awards Choose Law Full-Fee Scholarships Set for Success Scholarships Law First Scholarships Campus Dean’s LPC Awards The Daniel Turnbull Memorial Scholarship Bar Practice Course Awards Charles Russell Speechlys Award Other sources of scholarships and bursaries BPP Career Commitment Scholarship – value of £2,000 Full-fee scholarships (10 available) Inns of Court Scholarships Every Inn offers its own scholarships but you have to be a member first – so it is definitely worth applying! Receiving a scholarship from an Inn would greatly aid your pupillage applications as you are already seen as a good candidate with support from your Inn. BANKS AND STUDENT OVERDRAFTS Some banks allow you to open up student bank accounts for the duration of your course. You will need a conformation letter from your university confirming your place on the course before you can open up an account. Depending on the bank and your credit score, you can be offered student overdrafts and varying benefits. Benefits can range from interest-free overdrafts to free railcards. Be sure to check with your bank and look around at other banks for the best arrangement for you. Look at what is on offer and go for the best deal. EMPLOYMENT Working during your postgraduate will be difficult but it would significantly help you with finances. Remember that this work experience does not have to be legal. Zero-hour contracts This type of employment is incredibly flexible which is great alongside studying. Examples of work: waitressing, bar-tending, events, porter. Legal Jargon

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